Yuri, originally from San Ignacio de Sabaneta, Dominican Republic, is the brains behind Yuri S Media Company. Her journey began when she moved to New York City at just 16, where she eagerly explored the worlds of STEM, especially Robotics and Computer Science.
Driven by a profound love for her roots, Yuri's desire to preserve memories led her to pursue a career in professional photography. In 2019, she graduated from the City College of New York with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies & Philosophy, accompanied by a minor in Digital & Film Photography. Even as she celebrates this milestone, she continues educating herself in her professional career, always striving for excellence and growth.
With over 8 years of hands-on experience, Yuri's company is known for its exceptional ability to connect with people, capturing their unique essence and beauty. Yuri is deeply committed to community involvement, ensuring that her high-quality artwork remains accessible to all, enriching and uplifting her local community.
Ehsas Gallery - NYC​
January 2018
CCNY Student Photo Exhibition
April 2019 - NYC
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